The Solution for Processing Credit Cards in 2019

The Solution for Processing Credit Cards in 2017

The Solution for Processing Credit Cards in 2017

Is your business processing credit cards?

PayJunction’s credit card processing could be the solution for your business. PayJunction can ensure that your business runs seamlessly. PayJunction has an improved, technologically advanced Virtual Terminal so that businesses can report and analyze with ease.

Are you completely satisfied with your credit card processing provider?

If you have a problem with your current provider, is it easy to get the problem resolved? If you are using a desktop terminal, chances are you’ve had an issue with it before that required hours of technical troubleshooting or waiting on hold for a technical support agent. In 2016 PayJunction had a record-breaking year, and the average support call wait time was only 62 seconds. That means if your business has a problem with its credit card processing, PayJunction will ensure that it gets resolved quickly so that your business has more time for more important matters. Also, the processing speed of PayJunction EMV terminals is only 3.61 seconds, which is 4 times faster than the average EMV terminal, saving your business valuable time.

Do you have a point of sale system that you are satisfied with or that is deeply embedded in your business?

Even if that’s the case, your business can still use PayJunction. All point of sale companies can easily integrate with PayJunction’s payment gateway through our Smart Terminal API.

Are you excited to have your credit card processor on your team?

PayJunction is a growing business. In 2016 alone, there was a 45% growth in the number of employees at PayJunction. So many employees were added that they were able to open a second office in Santa Barbara, California. If your business is interested in growing this year, look into PayJunction for your credit card processing needs.

Seamless, technologically advanced, easy to use, growing, affordable: these are all excellent reasons to switch your business’s credit card processing to PayJunction: The Best Merchant Card Services.

PayJunction processing is here for your business.

PayJunction is here for your business.

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