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At PayFrog, our team prioritizes the security of your online transactions. We know it’s important for you to have secure credit card exchanges. For ecommerce merchants struggling with customer fraud and chargebacks, 3-D Secure ensures the exchange between the merchant and card issuer is initiated by the rightful owner of the credit card account. As a broker for leading merchant services in the United States, we offer the best merchant resources available so you can focus on giving your customers the best experience possible. A couple of these benefits include enhanced data exchange, which helps reduce fraud, and a simple integration for an optimal customer experience. 


What Is 3-D Secure? 


3-D Secure is a paid merchant service tool available to online merchants that increases the security of your online sales. When a customer uses their debit or credit card online, 3-D Secure adds an extra blanket of security to provide you with peace of mind which will reduce about 90% of fraudulent purchases. For the remaining 10%, the system can be toggled to enable a dual factor authentication requirement (usually a text) for the consumer to provide additional verification when necessary, ensuring the online transaction is secure. Since its creation over a decade ago, the service has been verified by both VISA and MasterCard. Our team of experts now has this feature available to our clients making their online stores faster, simpler, and more secure than ever before. 


How Does 3-D Secure Work? 


Our 3-D Secure service provides protection against online fraud. A transaction verified by 3-D Secure online has the same protections as an EMV chip card processed in person. It’s installed as a piece of code running in the background of a checkout page. 

The system works by analyzing around 150 data points surrounding the transaction, relaying that information to the card issuing back in real time, and receiving a digital verification that the purchase footprint matches with the cardholder. In addition to all the cardholder data the online shopper is entering into the checkout page, it will capture consumer data that you usually don’t think about such as:

  • web browser
  • web browser time zone
  • web browser java enabled
  • language
  • device type
  • device screen color
  • device screen height
  • device screen length
  • device screen depth
  • Mac address
  • IP Address
  • purchase amount
  • currency 
  • date
  • time

It will also capture your merchant data: 

  • Merchant Name
  • URL
  • Merchant category code
  • Acquirer BIN
  • Acquirer Merchant ID
  • Transaction ID
  • Merchant Risk Indicator (ie. delivery timeframe) 

It will send this data to the card issuing bank in real time and compare the data against the dynamic customer profile of the cardholder, such as: 

  • Cardholder email address
  • Cardholder phone number (home, work, mobile)
  • Cardholder billing & mailing address
  • Purchase history (size, frequency, merchant type)
  • Browser & device type

If everything matches the transaction gets a 3-D Secure stamp of approval in real time and you are guaranteed to keep the funds. If purchase data for the transaction does not match the consumer’s data, it will be deemed high risk and prompt the consumer to verify their identity (usually via text). If this step is enabled, the consumer will be required to pass this step before completing the transaction. If not enabled, the sale can still go through, but it will not be protected by 3-D Secure if it results in a chargeback. 


Why Is 3-D Secure Important? 


By using 3-D Secure, merchants prove they are dealing with the true cardholders. This process allows merchants to reduce 90-100% of their fraudulent chargebacks. This adds a fortified layer of protection for merchants against online fraudsters. The last thing merchants want to worry about is losing money from a charged back sale after they’ve already shipped out merchandise.  With this secure system, merchants are protected, and no longer need to worry about online consumer fraud.


Benefits of 3-D Secure | PayFrog


With 3-D Secure, you can confidently provide protection against online credit card fraud. Using this feature means prohibiting the bad guys from stealing merchandise through fraudulent credit cards–less fraud, more control of the authentication process for the merchant, and top-tier regulations. This service allows both the merchant and customer to complete online payments with ease. At PayFrog, we understand the importance of having a secure payment process in place. If you’re interested in our payment security options, or are curious about expanding your merchant services, get in touch today. 

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