Accepting Credit Card Payments

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Remote Signature Capture

PayJunction has an exciting feature called remote signature capture that simplifies accepting credit card payments. Remote signature capture allows you to email your customers a receipt that they can sign using their mouse or mobile device touchscreen. All one has to do is click on “email receipt” within the PayJunction system. Type your customer’s email in the box and click send. The customer will receive the receipt within an email. They can use their mouse to “sign” their name and below they will type their name. If they are using a mobile phone or tablet, they can simply sign with their finger on the touchscreen. The customer will receive a copy of their signed receipt, and the business will too. These receipts are saved within the PayJunction system and are searchable for future reference. This will make accepting credit card payments easier, faster, and more efficient.

Accepting Credit Card Payments with Remote Signature Capture
Remote Signature Capture

Benefits to this exciting feature

There are many benefits to this exciting feature. One is it eliminates the need for paper receipts, which contain BPA and are damaging to the environment. It also streamlines your record-keeping system and allows you to easily search past transactions. This is also very important for card-not-present transactions and e-commerce transactions. When a customer makes a purchase and gives you their credit card information over the phone or on the web, you can simply email a receipt for them to sign. By capturing your customer’s signature electronically, you now have documented proof that your customer authorized you to charge their card. This signature will protect your business from potential chargebacks down the road.

Learn More about Accepting Credit Card Payments

To learn more about PayJunction’s Remote Signature Capture, click here. To learn more about PayJunction many other exciting features, click here.

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