Best Online Merchant Account Services

best online merchant account services

Save on Time, Safety, and Money

Payment processors do much more than process payments. The right one will streamline processes for your entire business with its services. There are several factors merchant accounts are judged by. The best online merchant account services will save you time, keep you safe, and make you money.  We’ve got a service for each criterion!

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One of the main concerns of most business owners is how long they will have to wait to see the funds of a sale in their bank account. With PayFrog, that’s as soon as one day. Every payment you take at your business is processed prior to it being released into your company’s checking account. When you submit credit card sales to the processor, these are in the form of daily “batches.” The processor then initiates a deposit into your checking account for your batch. Some processing providers hold these funds up to 2-7 days! At PayFrog, we work just as fast as you do, and that’s why our payment processing partner, PayJunction, provides batch deposits to your business checking account the very next business day. This is one of the best online merchant account services you could ask for.

Best online merchant account services


Card information is a private thing, and neither you nor your customer wants it out in the open. That’s why we securely store payment information electronically. This keeps card numbers locked in our encrypted vault only to be accessed by employees with unique passwords to retrieve them. This is much safer than papers locked in a cabinet in your office that can be opened with a crowbar.

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One of the best online merchant account services we offer is our ability to process your payments without expensive hardware. More often than not, business owners are paying a monthly lease fee for card terminals that they can buy with just two months of leasing fees. Ours are much more affordable, and in some cases, not needed at all! If you have a computer at your business, use it as your point of sale by keying in, swiping, or using our signature capture pad to process payments. You’ll save a monthly equipment rental fee, and every time you make a payment securely you’ll save yourself from a potential data breach or a cardholder chargeback or dispute fee.

The Best Online Merchant Account Services Save You a Bit of Everything

Which are the best online merchant account services? The ones that save you a little bit of everything. Check out the ones we’ve described, and more on our abundant features page!

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