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A Safer Choice

The best online merchant accounts will certainly have the business owner’s well-being in mind. Our preferred payment processing provider, PayJunction, does just that with their remote digital signature capture feature. Whenever an online payment is made, a receipt is emailed to the customer requesting a signature. The cardholder can sign with their receipt with a mouse on their computer or using their touchscreen phone or tablet.

Remote Signature Capture | Best Online Merchant Accounts

This signed credit card authorization prevents chargebacks from occurring because the cardholder can no longer claim that they never authorized the transaction. Digital signatures are not only authorized via comparison to the cardholders’ signatures but also located using the IP address where the customer signed the receipt. If that IP address does not closely match that of the cardholder’s billing address, then that raises a red flag as potential fraud. The remote digital signature capture feature makes PayJunction one of the best online merchants accounts for small businesses.

Online Doesn’t Mean Impersonal

When you think online, you think complicated. When you think complicated, you think tech support. Our technical support is not like others in that we offer live U.S. based technical support from the same people who created the technology. Many of our competitors offer email support only or phone support that is transferred to India where tech representatives read off of a script. When you call PayJunction support, you’ll speak to a knowledgeable representative who can communicate clearly and help you resolve your situation, usually in the first call. Tech Support | Best Online Merchant AccountsTired of long phone queues and being on hold for hours on end? At PayJunction support, our average hold time is only 62 seconds! We like being available for our clients. Whether you like to communicate by phone, email, or even via online chat, we are ready to answer you’re tough questions. Try out our sales chat service now by clicking the frog on the bottom right corner of this page!

Payment Gateways

If you’ve just started searching for the best online merchant accounts, you’ll need to understand what a payment gateway is, and the importance of having one. It is the connection between an online transaction and the merchant bank account that processes the transaction. It conducts the process that safely transfers private card information to the processor for a sale. Some gateways even transcribe card numbers into tokens to ensure safe transit. If you wish to accept credit cards online, you’ll need a payment gateway. Payment Gateway Best Online Merchant AccountsThere are as many gateways as there are card processing companies, but one of the things that make PayJunction unique is that they provide both the merchant account and the payment gateway. It’s a one-stop-shop. Plus, PayJunction integrates with dozens of compatible shopping carts.

Third-Party Ratings

We’d love to go on about the great service and features that are offered by PayJunction, but we’re not the only opinions needing a voice. Merchant Maverick gives us 5-star reviews, Card Payment Options grades us at an A+, and Top Web Reviews rates us at a 10/10. Most importantly, there’s you! We want to know what you’ll think of our secure payment processing service. Post your comments below! Or, discover what makes up the best online merchant accounts by taking our website tour: Take the Tour Button - Best Online Merchant Accounts

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