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What is BPA?

Bisphenol-A is a chemical commonly found on thermal receipt paper, as well as polycarbonate plastics like those lining water bottles and food products. An easy way to tell if what you’re dealing with daily are BPA-free receipts is by doing the scratch test. If you scratch a coin across it and it fades slightly, it is BPA. Also, if the paper has a thin width and is flimsy, it is likely using the BPA chemical. BPA free receipts world

BPA has been linked to high blood pressure and can seep into food products from the container they’re stored in. The FDA has claimed it safe in small amounts, but if you own your own business that processes transactions every day, you’re likely exposed to more than small amounts. In fact, 27% of the BPA that comes in contact with your skin reaches the bloodstream in 2 hours. BPA-free receipts are the first step in protecting yourself, your customers, and your staff.

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Why Do People Use Thermal Receipt Paper?

The few advantages of using thermal receipt paper are:

  • Not likely to catch fire when exposed to excessive heat
  • BPA ink is cheaper than printer ink
  • Printing them is faster

How can your business experience all of these advantages while staying safe?

BPA free receipts customer pileBPA Free Receipts are Safer

There are very few aspects of a work place that are more important to staff than safety. With our BPA-free receipts, your office can avoid the dangerous endocrine disruptor and save office space. Digital receipts are much faster, easier, and surprisingly safer with us. You’re saving money on toxic paper, and saving time for your busy business. You’re not paying for printer ink, and your business is still safe from a cabinet full of fire hazards that become faded and unreadable after a year anyway.

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The protection of a cardholder’s signature isn’t thrown away when the paper is. We will provide you with a signature capture device that gives you and your customers the peace of mind of a safe transaction. Electronic signatures can even be used in cardholder disputes to protect your business by showing you went the extra mile to obtain proper billing authorization from your customer. BPA Free receipts are an easy, and beneficial evolution for your business.

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How to Start

PayFrog, a certified reseller of PayJunction, is dedicated to the safety of its customers when it comes to payment processing. We’ve dedicated a portion of our website to describing how our BPA-free receipts work, and how easy it is to make the switch! If you’re looking for more go green business ideas, read on!

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