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Card Processing Machines Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Although there are only a handful of types of card processing machines, there are numerous features that are provided in each one. Are you a mobile vendor who wants a strong wireless connection? Do you have lines of customers and need a speedy credit card terminal?  Do you need to upgrade your card processing machines so that you can accept EMV Chip Cards? Read on to match your needs with the features of a card machine that best suits you. We guarantee you, that perfect glove-fit is possible.


Vx520 | Card Processing Machines

Verifone VX 520; This machine has a built-in thermal receipt printer, EMV chip card processing, NFC mobile app processing (like Apple Pay or Google Wallet), and an internet connection. If your connection is down, just connect to its dial-up backup line.

Wireless and Mobile

Verifone VX 680 GPRS; This little powerhouse has the fastest speeds and heftiest memory of most mobile readers. It also offers graphics and a beautiful color display. It connects to 3G wireless networks

External Pinpads

Verifone VX 805 Pinpad; Some card processing machines can have pin-debit capabilities programmed into them, but if you have a wide counter separating your sales clerk and your customer, then you’ll need to buy an external pinpad (add-on to a desktop terminal) with a long cord that can reach your customer and allow them to enter their 4 digit pin.

Would you like a copy?

Now that you know the benefits of these card processing machines, now its time to learn the drawbacks:
  • Most thermal receipt paper contains a harmful chemical called BPA that transfers to your skin when touched. Clerks beware!

BPA in Receipts | Card Processing Machines

  • Refunds are difficult. Credit card data is not stored so if you need to make a refund later you’ll need to call the customer to get their card information again.

Call for Refunds | Card Processing Machines

  •  It’s not very eco-friendly. These terminals use up a lot of receipt paper, which adds to your ongoing cost of maintenance. Each year 4.3 million trees are cut down to supply the receipt paper business.

Card Processing Machines Kill Trees

  • You’ll need lots of extra filing space. Businesses need to store receipts signed by cardholders for 6-18 months to protect themselves from chargebacks.  Every transaction you run will need the receipt to be stored and filed in case you ever need to retrieve it.
 Paper Receipts | Card Processing Machines
  • Lastly, these machines need continual programming updates. We’re not talking about updates that happen automatically at night like Windows updates on your computer. You’ll need to call technical support and have them walk you through what buttons to push. You can expect long hold times, frustration from error troubleshooting, and downed equipment while updates are being installed leaving you without processing abilities.

Would you like a copy?

The best solution for card processing machines that we’ve come across is the Smart Terminal by PayJunction.  It’s paired with a virtual terminal on your computer so you get the benefit of secure credit card storage for easy refunds. Perhaps the best feature is the digital signature capture. You can go completely paperless to avoid BPA chemicals, save the environment, and save time and office space with automated digital filing and backups.

Smart Terminal | Card Processing Machines

Price over Product

Some business owners’ biggest concern is the price of the credit card processing machine. You’ll want to stay away from expensive equipment leases and just purchase the hardware outright. Luckily, not all equipment costs hundreds of dollars. In fact, we give it away for FREE! If you have a sales history of over $25,000 a month, you’ll receive the holy grail of card machines from our processing partner, PayJunction. The Smart EMV Terminal accepts swipe, chip, mobile phone wallets, and even an apple watch.

Free Card Processing Machines

If your sales history isn’t quite that high but is over $10,000 a month, you can still get free equipment. A USB card swiper and a signature capture pad are provided to business owners that can prove this sales history. Whether you’re looking for a bargain, safety, or new cutting edge technology, there are credit card processing machines for you. Just try and prove us wrong after a glance at our hardware!

Hardware | Card Processing Machines

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