Colorado Springs Business Journal Features PayFrog!

PayFrog Featured on Colorado Springs Business Journal CSBJ

UPDATE: April 27th, 2020

As a strong advocate for the education of small businesses, PayFrog regularly publishes content that we believe every merchant should know about. In a September publication of the Colorado Springs Business Journal, PayFrog discussed the fraud liability shift. It can be understood as the trade of liability from the card issuer to the business owner in the case of a counterfeit card transaction. The article not only outlines the requirements of the 2015 shift but also mentions what it could mean for your business. We, as payment experts, are excited to share the specifics of this industry update with you. Please find the comprehensive, in-depth Colorado Springs Business Journal Article

prevent-mobile- fraud liability shift

More recently, we’ve recognized the concerning spread of the novel Coronavirus at checkout. This affects more than just essential business owners, as Shelter in Place orders will eventually be lifted while the virus is still very much a concern to your customers. We worked with the Colorado Springs Business Journal again to provide suggestions on Zero-Touch Terminals. View the full article to learn how quickly bacteria can spread between card-holder and cashier, and what contactless payments can do.

covid19-contactless payments

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