Colorado Springs Merchant Credit Card Machines

Smart Terminal Credit card machine for business batch report

A huge misconception about payment processing is that the technology is hard to use. However, the right company can provide you with the point of sale devices that are easy to use. Since we are a certified reseller of PayJunction’s technology, we are experts on what Colorado Springs merchant credit card machines are right for you. colorado springs credit card machines

Colorado Springs Merchant Credit Card Machines Should Accept Chip Cards

Our favorite piece of technology is the Smart EMV Terminal. Its screen display is bright, bold, and easy to understand for customers. After the amount requested by your register attendant, the customer is given a variety of payment options. They can choose between a swiped card or a chip card. Also, they can choose Apple Pay via their watch or phone.

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Then, your customer will sign the screen, depending on what kind of payment they chose. Lastly, your customer will opt for printed or, our preference, emailed receipts. All together this payment took less than 45 seconds and was eco-friendly too! Don’t forget about the safety that the Smart EMV terminal brings with its PCI compliance.

How Much Does Safety Cost?

Our favorite Colorado Springs merchant credit card machines are rented for just $25 a month with no long-term equipment lease, or bought outright for $500. However, for merchants with a card processing history of over $25,000 per month, they can get this Smart EMV Terminal absolutely free! We love the digital signature feature on these terminals.  It allows you to store a customer’s signatures after payment and reference them in your customer transaction history. This reduces your chances of dealing with fraud expenses, as well as chargebacks.

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What Makes Our Machines “Colorado Springs”?

We’re local! We’ve been in business for over 8 years now and we’re based right here in Colorado Springs. We started out as a small business just like you. That means we understand the difficulties a business can have when starting up. To help you with them, we offer our Colorado Springs merchant credit card machines for free with proof of great sales history. Our signature capture pad is free if you regularly process over $10,000 a month. Same with our Smart Terminal if you have over $25,000 in credit card sales.

What other great deals do we reward our customers with? Find out on our pricing page!

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