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colorado springs payment processing

Just like there are several types of payments (credit card, check, cash), there are several ways to accept every payment (online, over the phone, in-office). PayFrog gives you the option of accepting non-cash payments by any of these means, and more. What’s better? Because we’re local, we offer Colorado Springs payment processing right in your backyard!


It’s still Colorado Springs payment processing even if it’s through your website! We use PCI compliant software to create your Payment Gateway. Because online payments can be high risk, PCI compliant technology in this field can save you hundreds of dollars. Usually, Payment Gateways are third party companies. However, PayJunction, the owner of the technology we use, has its own gateway. This will save you on third party fees as well.

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Over the Phone

If your business gets phone calls in which you take customers’ credit card numbers over the phone, then you’re likely not getting signatures on those transactions. After you manually key enter the credit card information into your payment processing software, some merchants write in “Phone Order” in the signature box. Well, this does not protect you. Any customer can dispute this charge claiming they did not authorize the transaction, and you’d be forced to return the money, even if you’ve already delivered products/services! The solution is remote signature capture, in which you can collect a cardholder’s signature just by emailing a receipt. The cardholder can then sign remotely using their mouse or finger!

Remote Signatures - Colorado SPrings Payment Processing | PayFrog


A brick and mortar business is probably the most common Colorado Springs payment processing user type. For these small businesses, a web browser is required to make transactions. A web-based virtual terminal is compatible with any computer and can connect with a physical Smart Terminal. A virtual terminal dashboard allows the system to be deployed for multiple users and across multiple business locations.

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Which Colorado Springs Payment Processing Business are You?

This is a trick question. Actually, you might be all three! With PayFrog this is definitely a possibility because of our affordable pricing. We use an interchange-plus pricing model, which is known to be the most cost-effective, according to Merchant Maverick.

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They’re All Affordable!

The plus portion of our pricing is just 0.75% of the transaction that you process. We doubt you’ll find better, but if you do, we will beat it! We just need either your last two month’s billing statements or a written quote from a prospective processor. Now, how does the choice of any form of payment processing at the lowest rates you’ve ever seen sound? Because we’re committed to growing your business instead of taking from it, we’d love to show you a free price comparison. Call to schedule an appointment or find a time that works with your schedule here.

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