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Why BPA is Bad News

BPA is a dangerous chemical that has been linked with obesity and attention disorders. It is toxic to the reproductive and developmental systems. The good news is that a lot of manufactures have recognized how dangerous this chemical is and have started removing it from their products, such as in the manufacturing of BPA-free cans. The bad news is that BPA is found readily in thermal receipt paper, which most people are exposed to on a regular basis, especially if they are an employee whose job includes handling receipts after credit card processing. Another troubling thing is that the amount of BPA in a single thermal receipt is 250 to 1,000 greater than the amount in one can of food.

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Say “No” to BPA

Is a scientific test of 18 thermal receipt papers,  all 18 thermal papers were coated with BPA. The troubling thing about thermal receipts is that toxic chemical is “unbound” on the surface, meaning that it wipes off easily onto your hands. The BPA can then easily be absorbed into the body directly through the skin. 27% of the BPA on the skin reaches the bloodstream within two hours. Cashiers who were tested contained a higher level of BPA in their urine than those who did not handle BPA-containing paper.

Safer Credit Card Processing

The best way to reduce your exposure and the exposure of your staff and customers is to not have thermal receipts at all! Offer digital or e-receipts. It saves your business money because you don’t have to pay for paper anymore. You will also feel good because you are taking an important step in reducing paper usage in your organization which helps the environment save trees. Some thermal receipt papers are marketed as having a special protective coating or without BPA, which is good for reducing people’s exposure. However, they are more costly.

PayJunction and Paperless Payment Processing

PayJunction is a payment processing company that gives you a BPA-free option. Customers sign a signature-capture device on the credit card terminal and then the e-signatures are stored online. Receipts can then be emailed to customers instead of printing them out, saving money on printing costs, helping the environment, and streamlining record keeping. Learn more here.

Qualified businesses signing up to do their credit card processing through PayJunction will receive a Smart Terminal which has a digital signature capture pad. Promotion available here: FREE Signature Capture Device

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PayJunction Digital Signature Capture Device

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