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Just like there’s no one-size-fits-all tool in your shed, there’s no one version of merchant services that fits all businesses. A moving company doesn’t need the same payment services a doctor’s office does, so why not customize it? Customizable merchant services need to be a priority for your business, and if you don’t have these capabilities you should look elsewhere.

Customize Locations

Even if you’re not there yet, eventually you may want to expand. Having multiple locations could be more trouble than it’s worth unless you have control of how each location takes payments. Make sure your merchant services provider allows you to give customized authority to managers and directors. These positions should be able to view reports and take payments from all locations, while on-site employees can have restricted access to their location only.

customizable merchant services

Another perk of customizable merchant services locations is the comparison between your monthly statements. Ask to see the bills of both locations side by side so you and your sales representative can discuss how to improve both. If you have a website, warehouse location, an administrative office that takes phone orders, or any mix of the three, you still can compare each location’s sales. With customizable merchant services, business owners can have one merchant account for each location, or simply use their payment gateway to compare them.

Customize Transactions

Customizable merchant services should include the ability to require AVS or CVV at checkout. Address verification service and card verification value help you have the safest transactions possible. You can choose if you want to require them while using your office’s virtual terminal on your desktop or on your website’s shopping cart.

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Also, you should be able to choose the tax percentage, request for a tip, and display an invoice number for every payment. PayJunction, one of the choice payment processors we’re licensed to resell, even has a questionnaire that helps you decide how to customize transactions. Questions like, “Do you ship products?” and “Do you sell to customers, businesses, or both?” help you make the best check-out possible.

Customize Users

customizable merchant services employeesAs much as business owners try, they can’t be many places at once. That’s why they need the option to edit the access some of their employees have to certain tasks. It’s a good idea to limit new employee’s ability to grant refunds. Additionally, you might want your senior employees or managers to have access to see the daily sales.

Customizable Merchant Services is a Choice

We understand some businesses operate under unique circumstances. That’s why they need customizable merchant services. If a payment processor has ever told you, “I’m sorry, but we don’t have that option for you,” it’s time to upgrade providers. Sometimes you can get better pricing when switching providers after your credit card sales volume have grown because of volume-based discounts.

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