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0.75% + Interchange for our Start Fresh plan, or you can submit your current provider’s rates for our Rate Challenge and we’ll beat your current pricing!

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Typically, the merchant service provider will charge you their fees between the 1st and 5th of the month if you have a monthly billing plan (this is the default option).

If your payment processor sets up your merchant account on a daily discount billing plan, you will see deductions for fees from your daily batch deposit, and the rest may be billed at month end.

Sales batches settled prior to 5pm MST will be deposited on the morning of the next business day!

Keep in mind you won’t be funded on holidays and weekends, as banks are involved in the process.

A batch is your total amount of transactions for a period of time, usually a day. When you ‘close’ a batch, you are submitting your day’s worth of authorized transactions to the processor for funding into your business checking account.
Batches should be settled every day you have payment card and e-check sales. If you have no sales on a given day, then there is nothing to batch.

No. PayFrog is a payment processing reseller. This means we can offer products and services from several direct merchant service providers. We choose the best option for your business based on your needs, and you get personal service from a designated account rep usually not found at direct payment processors.

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Under our Start Fresh pricing plan, all cards are processed at the same rate. For Custom Quotes, the rate for American Express could be higher or lower than rates for other cards types.

The wholesale program cost for American Express cards costs roughly as much as Visa rewards cards, but it can fluctuate slightly based on SIC Code and transaction size.

Online and offline debit differ in their presence of a pin number. An online debit transactions uses a pin, while an offline debit transaction does not. An online debit transaction is immediately drawn from the cardholder’s current balance using one of several pin-debit networks, such as: InterLink, Maestro, Star, Pulse, Shazam, etc.

On the other hand, offline transactions get ran through Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express networks.

Since the Durbin Amendment in 2010, the wholesale processing costs for online and offline debit are pretty much the same.

chargeback is a reversal of a prior sales transaction that results in the reimbursement of a cardholder’s funds.

  1. A retrieval request will come to you from the card-issuing bank asking to see an original receipt of the transaction in question.
  2. Depending on the card brand’s guidelines and if you have proof of the customer’s signature, you many win the dispute.
  3. If you were not successful, your business bank account will be debited the amount of the sale. Chargeback fees will be charged to you later by your payment processor.

There’s many reasons a chargeback might occur. Keep an eye out for the most common causes:

  • Cardholder claims funds charged were not authorized, and you don’t have the cardholder’s signature.
  • Cardholder claims non-receipt or goods/services, and you can’t prove otherwise. (ie. signed delivery confirmation, email exchanges with cardholder, internal office notes documenting customer interaction)
  • You accepted a fraudulent or stolen credit card

PCI stands for Payment Card Industry, and to be compliant with them you need to abide by their Data Security Standards. These standards describe a business that processes safe transactions and keeps their customers’ private information safe.

About PayFrog

PayFrog is a family owned and operated company based in Tampa, FL. We’ve been in the merchant services industry since 2010. PayFrog represents people in business, non-profits, and government organizations and helps them to get the best pricing and technology for electronic payment processing.

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