How to Enable Secure Manual Key Entry with PayFrog

As a business owner, you may not know how risky it is to manually key card details for mail-in and phone orders. When you manually key transactions into a virtual terminal, it increases the risk that malware could steal card data as you enter it. PayFrog can help you enable secure manual key entry for your customers.

PayFrog is honored to serve customers in Tampa, Florida and throughout the United States, and we are dedicated to helping you give your customers the best, safest payment processing. As a small business ourselves, we take pride in servicing hard-working business owners who value a good client relationship over a contract. Helping you is what we love to do. So, today we’re introducing you to this great security feature: secure manual key entry.

What is Secure Manual Key Entry? 

This new feature in payment processing has two benefits for business owners. It simplifies the annual validation process for the Payment Card Industry (PCI), and reduces the chance that hackers can gain access to cardholder data. The more you reduce the scope of card data in your own environment, the better chances you’ll have of avoiding a breach of data. Data breaches are detrimental for a business due to fines, legal fees, and damage to your business’s reputation. Using secure manual key entry is one great way to protect your business.

What Do Smart Terminals Do? 

Using a smart terminal instead of going directly to a virtual terminal means keying your transactions is more secure. Before routing it for approval, the advanced security technology of a smart terminal encrypts the data. This means no one can access that credit card information.

When you use a smart terminal, it minimizes the risk that cardholder data could be compromised on your network or computer. Because of this, your PCI scope is reduced, which means you qualify for a simplified annual PCI process and it will go more smoothly. Using a smart terminal ends up saving you more time and hassle. And with more time freed up, you are able to focus on your business and your customers. 

How Can I Enable Secure Key Entry? 

A detailed process of enabling key entry is on PayJunction’s Smart Terminals Setting page. All you have to do is toggle the switch labeled as “Enabled Keyed” and turn it on. Keep in mind–you have to do this for every terminal you are using if you want to reduce your PCI scope. 

How Do I Process a Secure Key Transaction? 

You can easily perform transactions with smart terminals with these steps: 

  • Initiate your transaction in the virtual terminal
  • Press the yellow key on the smart terminal, which will activate key entry prompts
  • Using the smart terminal’s keypad, enter the details: card number, expiration date, and customer zip code
  • Press “Process” on the terminal screen, or press “O” on the terminal

Make Payment Processing Easier | PayFrog

At PayFrog, we know that as a business owner you are concerned about your PCI. We are prepared to do whatever we can to help you reduce its complexities. Enabling secure manual keyed transactions is one of the things you can do for a better, simpler process for you and your customers. Whether you have questions about Smart Terminal or anything regarding our payment processing services, contact us today or schedule a chat with us.

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