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How to Improve Processes | PayFrog

What is a Business Process?

A business process is any task or tasks linked together that are intended to provide a service to your customer. Knowing how to improve processes such as these can make or break a business. Here are several speeds and efficiency improvements that your company should have access to via your payment processor.

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Recurring Billing

If your company deals with memberships, installment payments, or subscriptions, you should be using recurring billing. It not only saves paper because it is electronic but saves your employees and your customers time because it is automatic. With our software, you’re able to automatically bill customers any day of the month they choose and pull funds from their credit card or checking account. Neither you nor your customer needs to be reminded to make their monthly payment.

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If a transaction was declined for some reason, our Declined Reason Codes will let you know right away. You’ll know if their card is expired and you can get a new one for their monthly billing, or if they simply had Non Sufficient Funds at the time. This saves time tracking the failed transaction down and asking your customer or payment provider why it declined.

Online Reports

Viewing a comprehensive database of all of your customers’ transactions, accounts, and information will save you hours in sifting through paper files. If you really want to know how to improve processes for your business, all you need is our transaction searching tool. You can find a transaction or account immediately if you have any one of the following:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Customer ID
  • Invoice or PO
  • Transaction Amount
  • Type of card
  • Or Last four of card #

PayJunction | How to Improve Processes


If your business has ever had a line at the cash register, you understand just how frustrating bottlenecking can be. It’s not just you getting upset, your customers are too. 37% of customers ranked waiting in line as their main pet peeve at stores according to The most common reason for the bottleneck effect is an out of date POS system. Our EMV terminal accepts everything, and accepts it fast! With it, there’s no need to wonder how to improve processes, only how soon to get started!

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How to Improve Processes for Your Business

In a world where time is money, you need a payment processor that wants to save you both. We know how to improve processes for your business, and we know how affordable it can be. See for yourself at our features and pricing pages.

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