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How to Market Your Business Like a Pro

A growing business, regardless of what its selling or offering, has a tight budget. In fact, most don’t make a profit for the first two years. This doesn’t mean your product has no demand, but instead that you’re not an expert at how to market your business quite yet. We’re here to change that, all while sticking to your tight budget! First of all, don’t use a stock photo for your logo. We recommend a graphic design firm such as eHorizonDesigns to create a custom logo for you that will stand out.    how to market your business business

Change the Way You Think About it

When you think of marketing you picture huge billboards and super bowl commercials. In reality, the most effective marketing for a growing business happens right in your community. Nothing sells better than a “homegrown business” and “buy local” attitude. Several ways to advertise this way are:

  • Ask for referrals: don’t feel pushy when you say, “tell your friends”. People love to spread the word about a product they believe in.
  • Make a company video and share on Youtube: Design a message tell your company’s story and explain what makes you different. Who knows, perhaps it will go viral!
  • Cross-Promote: Get involved in a local small business owner’s club. You can exchange business cards and promises to promote one another. Their customers become your customers too.
  • Get Professional Headshots: Getting a professional photo of yourself or your team can be used on business cards, your website, brochures, and Linked-In. First impressions are everything!
  • Hand out Coupons: Giving back to your already loyal customers keeps them around, and handing out coupons at a local grocery store or bank attracts new ones. People will do anything they can to get a great deal, so make it easy for them!
  • Get a Mobile App: A customer-facing mobile app can provide convenience, functionality, and clever ad space on a device that the typical consumer looks at 80 times per day.

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Make Some Money While You’re at it

You’ve probably only thought about how much this could cost you, not what you could gain in return. Hosting events like 5k’s, community games, or press-covered giveaways can actually make your business money. They require an initial investment, but if you spread the word through social media and flyer your area enough, people will come! Make sure that these events are family-friendly; an alcohol license costs an arm and a leg anyway. Here’s a list of some examples.

  • Hair Salon: Advertise free haircuts for the homeless
  • Bakery: Get permission from high schools to host a tasting table at sports events
  • Gym: Host an obstacle course race for family teams
  • Art Gallery: Set up a wine and paint class and give the proceeds to a local animal shelterhow to market your business business lines

Match Your Customer Base

Whatever your company does, make sure its values are evident when you consider how to market your business. If you’re selling NFL t-shirts, decorate your booth or office in an upbeat and sporty atmosphere. Use posters of enthusiastic families in front of a tv and make sure turf-green appears all over your space.

how to market your business

Also, find your niche and stick to it. If your company’s mission statement is to save people money, don’t raise your prices when times get tough. A company with a core value of honesty should never push a sale that doesn’t match a customer’s needs. A new business has time to find itself, but keep in mind that people don’t appreciate a wishy-washy company.

Consult the Pros

Of course, the best way to be a pro is to learn from a pro. Want to take your digital marketing to the next level? Looking for a digital marketing firm in Colorado Springs? We suggest you contact Relationship Martech for a free consultation. We think you’ll be impressed!

How to Market Your Business | Relationship Martech

Get Started!

We’ve given you some great ideas about how to market your business, but we want to help you first-hand. PayFrog has plenty of experience getting a small business up and rolling! That’s why we suggest expanding your customers’ payment options. We’ve got great payment processing systems that can grow and track your customer database and make it simple to market to them. Want to learn more? Come check us out!

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