How to Securely Store Credit Card Info

how to securely store credit card info

How to securely store credit card info

Why Would You Want to

You might see secure storage of customer information as an unnecessary step because you have trustworthy employees and are not worried about break-ins. However, how to securely store credit card info is a necessary skill to learn. Even if card information is safe from those who come in contact with it most, people from office-cleaning companies and the occasional maintenance worker will visit. Sadly, a locked filing cabinet can be compromised at any time if an employee is not safeguarding it.

This puts you in danger, not just your customers. If you are the result of a data breach, you can pay tons in chargeback dispute fees, and even lose your merchant account all together from lack of diligence.  Additionally, people do not take their banking information lightly, so if you put theirs in danger, everyone they know will hear about it. Referrals are a great way to grow your business, so make sure your customers are raving about how safe you are instead!

How to securely store credit card info cloud

Why Do You Need to

The average cost of a data breach is $7 million according to Business Insider.  If a card data breach is even somewhat suspected, your company could undergo a mandatory forensic examination, a required notification to customers of a breach, and possibly a card monitoring service for up to a year. These legal obligations, as well as the possibility of costing your business unnecessary fees, are plenty of reasons to learn how to securely store credit card info.

Learning How to Securely Store Credit Card Info Is Easy

We sincerely hope nothing of this nature would ever happen to your company, but it’s best to be safe! Our payment processing system is easily understandable, and clearly describes how to securely store credit card info;

  • Click customers from the left-hand icon bar, and click new customer
  •  Click add customer, you’ll fill in their name and additional details in a section that pops up
  • Now they have their own payment page, where you can add as many payment methods as they would like: how to securely store credit card info s
  • To charge them, select which payment method they will be using, and click the green charge button. This will take you to a new page where you will enter the amount, and click the process:PayJunction | How to Securely Store Credit Card Info

It’s that easy! Now your customer’s information is safely stored, and conveniently accessed. An employee cannot even access card numbers because they are encrypted and tokenized, meaning they are protected and translated into different characters.

There are more benefits to electronically storing information than the safety and being PCI compliant. We’ve put several videos on our page detailing why recharging and keeping an electronic contact book can also help you!

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