Increase Trust During Your E-Commerce Checkout Process

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Your e-commerce checkout process must be seamless and efficient if you have an online store. Did you know that a poor checkout experience can result in 79 percent of shoppers never returning, and 44 percent of those individuals will spread the word about their bad experience? This negative word-of-mouth can affect your trust among customers and cause sales to decrease. On the other hand, when a customer has a good checkout experience, it helps boost your sales.

PayFrog provides top-of-the-line merchant services to ensure secure, efficient electronic payment processing. As experts in the merchant services industry, we understand the importance of having a positive checkout experience. So, keep reading to learn more about increasing your brand’s trust during the e-commerce checkout process.

How To Increase Trust At Checkout

One of the most significant factors that play a role in whether or not a customer follows through with an online purchase is trust. The more that individuals trust your company, the more likely they will feel comfortable completing an online transaction. In today’s day and age, having an online store allows customers to access your business virtually anywhere. Plus, it’s essential to ensure that once your customers find you, they feel comfortable enough to complete their online shopping. 

  1. Expand Your Payment Options
    • According to the Baymard Institute, every 6 in 100 potential customers will abandon their cart due to insufficient payment methods. To help secure these customers and prevent abandoned carts, you should consider including standard debit and credit card options, mobile wallet options, and Buy Now, Pay Later services. The more payment options your e-commerce provides, the less likely that someone will abandon their cart. 
  2. Be Clear And Concise
    • Reducing checkout friction is one of the best ways to secure sales. The more straightforward your e-commerce checkout process, the more likely it is that customers will follow through with their transactions and come back to make future purchases. To eliminate any excess noise during checkout, eliminate unnecessary steps, like mandatory sign-ups. Whenever a customer is required to complete an extra step during checkout, it negatively impacts your conversion rate. For example, give customers the option to create a profile, but don’t make it a requirement of their checkout experience.
  3. Create Checkout Flows
    • At every stage of the checkout process, it’s essential to remind customers why they can trust you and why they should feel safe providing you with private information. If potential customers don’t feel confident in your site’s security, they will most likely abandon their carts and fail to return to your site in the future. You can help instill confidence in your customers by displaying security badges on your website, including a privacy policy section, and obtaining an SSL certificate. All of these remind people why they can trust your online store and help them feel confident to complete online transactions with you.
  4. Eliminate Hidden Fees
    • Try to be transparent with estimated shipping costs. The last thing customers want to experience is a bunch of hidden fees such as taxes, shipping, and processing fees. Did you know that nearly half of online shopping carts become abandoned due to extra costs at checkout? Consider installing a shipping cost calculator or providing free delivery and increasing the prices of your products a bit. These strategies help maintain conversions without decreasing your profit margins. 
  5. Mobile Optimize Your Site
    • You have to remember that you want people to be able to complete transactions from all kinds of devices, which means you need to make sure your site is mobile-friendly. If someone has trouble perusing your website and completing a transaction on their phone, they’ll most likely bounce and fail to return in the future. So before making a page live, make sure that all of your text and images are mobile optimized and everything renders correctly on a smaller screen. Like a desktop, mobile checkout should be simple and easy to navigate. 

PayFrog Can Help You Optimize Your Checkout Process

Regardless of what industry you are in, customers will expect to have a checkout experience with as little friction as possible. The more you show customers that they can trust you throughout the checkout process, the more likely they will follow through with their purchases and become repeat customers. For over 10 years, PayFrog has been helping businesses in various industries streamline their online checkout processes, improve their sales, and drive conversions. To help increase the number of online transactions your company receives, try implementing some of the strategies mentioned above. To learn more ways to improve your business, check out our other blogs!

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