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As a local merchant service and credit card processing company, PayFrog proudly serves the community of Arizona. Our 10+ years of experience has equipped us to provide Arizona businesses with simple, secure, cost-effective, and intuitive payment processing solutions. Whether you have a clothing shop in the Scottsdale Fashion Square or you run the student store at Northern Arizona University, it’s crucial for you to have a reliable payment processing solution. These solutions are not the end of the road for PayFrog: we are also committed to providing exceptional customer service so we can foster a strong sense of community in all of Arizona. Our clients and the local Arizona businesses that support the community and economy are our top priority. From Lake Havasu City to Prescott, we look forward to helping Arizona communities thrive.

Top Merchant Services | Arizona

PayFrog is based in Tampa, Florida, however, we are committed to providing businesses across the U.S. with our signature top-tier credit card processing, automatic billing services, and much more. At PayFrog, we are proud to support the Arizona business community with the following services.

Services of Merchant Banking - Payments

Credit Card & Check Processing

Here at PayFrog, we offer Arizona businesses our amazing credit card and check processing services while utilizing our cutting-edge technology. With our proprietary processes and next-generation smart EMV terminals, your business will be able to accept all forms of payment. You will also get a jump start on the future of payment processing. We believe you shouldn’t have to worry if your system will break down when you need it the most, or have to turn customers away because you have no way to charge them. Rather, we believe you should be focused on growing your business

Capture Electronic Signatures

Storing signed receipts is a thing of the past; you no longer need to sift through receipts each day or at the end of the month. If you are currently doing this, you know this method is inefficient and incredibly time consuming. Luckily, PayFrog has a solution. By using our simple plug-and-play USB signature-capture device, you can resolve this issue and many more. By letting our software sort and store the signature information, you will be able to focus on what matters most while also having access to the information you need at any time.

Capture Electronic Signature

Automatic Billing & Invoicing

At PayFrog, we want to make Arizona businesses efficient and hassle free. By adding our recurring billing services to your plan, you can automatically bill accounts for memberships, subscriptions and installment payment plans. This addition is simple and easy and it will streamline your process, saving hours of administrative work for your business each month. Automatic billing and invoicing services are perfect for companies who have an abundance of memberships to keep track of, such as Planet Fitness in Glendale, AZ, and Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits in Phoenix, AZ. 

Secure Client Account Information

Ensuring both your business and your clients’ pertinent information is safeguarded is critical to your business’ survival. PayFrog has developed top-tier, secure services designed to store your customers’ account numbers and private information. Implementing this system will not only protect your information and your customers, but it will also allow you to have confidence that your company is safe and secure.

Secure Credit card Processing
E Commerce Credit Card Processing

eCommerce Gateway

In some cases, eCommerce can be the deciding factor in the purchase decision of your customers, and it is becoming more popular than ever. Providing them with PayFrog’s hosted shopping carts will allow you to provide product sales, invoices and a secure shopping cart at checkout, all within a few minutes.

Our Service Areas

Although PayFrog’s headquarters is located in Tampa, Florida, we are passionate about serving our clients throughout the United States. We look forward to connecting with clients, no matter where they’re located. Within Arizona, we would love to connect with local businesses throughout the “Grand Canyon State”.

I started working with PayFrog recently & have nothing but good things to say. Joseph has helped me during the transition from one merchant service company to his. I’m happy to say that I will be saving money but more importantly I feel that I have is trustworthy and can rely on if there is ever an issue. I highly recommend PayFrog for any local business looking for merchant services.

Dr. Alphonse Simeone

Joseph did a fantastic job helping get us set up and trained with a fantastic merchant processing system. The product that Joseph offers is amazing and the way in which he delivered, trained, and answered questions was so helpful. Joseph even custom-made a video or two with some walkthroughs in the software to help us understand a couple of features. I’d recommend PayFrog to anyone looking for a reliable and dedicated merchant processing team.

Scott Brinton

We had our credit card processing through a large company for many years. Once we signed up with this company we never heard from our sales representative, any questions we had were always directed to the 800 number. When we met Joseph with Pay Frog not only could he save us money but he was very knowledgeable and communicated well about the products Pay Frog offered. Joseph provided us options and different products for our needs. We have only been with Pay Frog a short time but the service didn’t stop when we signed the contract. Joseph has followed up many times to make sure everything was fine and that we had no questions with the change to a new processor. If you are looking at saving money with your credit card processing and want outstanding service to go along with that then call Joseph with Pay Frog. I highly recommend Joseph and Pay Frog!

Justin Baker

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