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As a local merchant service provider and credit card processing company, PayFrog proudly serves the community of Arkansas. With over a decade of experience, we provide businesses in Arkansas with simple, secure, and cost-effective payment processing solutions. No matter if your business is located in the downtown district of Paragould, in the historical Fayetteville Downtown Square, or you run a business near the University of Arkansas, all businesses in Arkansas require reliable and secure payment processing. Our standard of quality and attention to detail is unprecedented in the payment processing industry to give businesses stress-free solutions to their payment processing problems. From Bella Vista to West Memphis, PayFrog is committed to exceptional customer service, and our clients and the local business community of Arkansas are our top priority. 

Top Merchant Services | Arkansas

PayFrog is based in Tampa, Florida, however, we are committed to providing businesses across the U.S. with our signature top-tier credit card processing, automatic billing services, and much more. At PayFrog, we are proud to support the Arizona business community with the following services.

Services of Merchant Banking - Payments

Credit Card & Check Processing

At PayFrog, we offer businesses in Arkansas unique credit card and check processing services while utilizing our cutting-edge technology. With our proprietary processes and next-generation smart EMV terminals, your business will be able to accept all forms of payment to serve every customer.

Capture Electronic Signatures

If you are constantly sifting through receipts, then you know that this method is inefficient and incredibly time-consuming. Using our simple plug-and-play USB signature-capture device can resolve this issue. Our software will sort and store your customer signature information, so you can focus on what matters most: running your business.
Capture Electronic Signature

Automatic Billing & Invoicing

At PayFrog, we want to make doing business as efficient and hassle-free as possible. You can automatically bill accounts for memberships, subscriptions, and installment payment plans by adding our recurring billing services to your plan. Automatic billing and invoicing from PayFrog is simple and easy to streamline your process and will save you hours of administrative work.

Secure Client Account Information

Safeguarding both your business’ and clients’ pertinent information is critical to your business. At PayFrog, our top-tier, secure services store your customers’ account numbers and private information. Implementing this system will not only protect your information and your customers’ information, but it will also allow you to have confidence that your company is safe and secure.
Secure Credit card Processing
E Commerce Credit Card Processing

eCommerce Gateway

With eCommerce becoming more popular than ever, online shopping can be the deciding factor in the purchase decision of your customers. Providing your customers with PayFrog’s hosted shopping carts will allow you to provide product sales, invoices, and a secure shopping cart at checkout, all within a few minutes.

Our Service Areas

PayFrog is passionate about serving our clients throughout the United States. We work to provide the business community with merchant services no matter where they are located. At PayFrog, we are also committed to providing exceptional customer service so that we can foster a strong sense of community. We would love to connect with local businesses throughout the beautiful state of Arkansas to provide the best credit card processing services.
“They made a proposal when I was with my last business and we chose them for their great service. They offer such great customer service that I chose them as my provider now that I own my own business! They are knowledgeable, friendly, have low reasonable rates, and are always willing to answer any question!”

Chris H.

“It is wonderful to have a local support and a company with excellent service! They make running my small business easier!!!”

Micah P.

“Honest and straightforward, a must in this industry! Don’t trust your business with just anyone!”

Stephanie H.

“If you are looking for a card processor that will make sure you are on a secure system that suits your needs and caters to your budget, you’ve found it with PayFrog. 5/5 Stars.”

Joshua S.

“I would highly recommend Pay Frog to someone that is taking credit cards. Fast, secure, convenient.”

Scott A.

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