A Merchant Services Small Business

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What Does a Merchant Services Small Business Look Like?

Most new business owners don’t show a profit in sales for their first two years up and running. As a small business, we understand the struggle of getting through these growing pains and that you want your hard work to pay off as soon as possible. Well, it’s payday! We specialize in merchant services small business accounts. We’d like you to know you’re not alone. To do this, we’re building a profile of what a merchant services small business looks like, and what should be their top priorities in a payment processor.

merchant race billback Merchant Services Small Business

Who Do They Turn to?

Often, a new or small business looking to process card payments jumps on board with a merchant account provider with the lowest teaser rate. This usually results in acquiring a bill-back pricing-model with a shady processor. In this common scenario, a business owner pays an initial flat rate for transactions, then pays all the surcharges and downgrades the next month as tacked on fees. Be a smarter merchant services small business and find a processor with locked-in rates, and availability to explain them to you if you’re not versed quite yet.

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How Can They Save?

For starters, a merchant services small business is looking to save money in every way they can. You’re not asking too much by wanting a free set up of equipment, no monthly or annual fees, and a contract that allows you to leave without paying a penalty. Any merchant services small business wants to keep a close eye on how much they are selling monthly, weekly, and even daily. You shouldn’t be charged every time you ask for your processing statement, but many processors do.

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Where Can They Get It?

PayFrog. We are a great choice for the merchant services small businesses. We offer a simplified payment structure, rate savings, and a sales representative to show you the way. Don’t believe us? Check out how much we’ve saved other businesses like yours (60 million and counting). Lastly, compare how much we charge monthly versus top payment processors.

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