Paperless Payments

paperless payments

Why Paperless Payments are Painless

As technology evolves, so must your business. This transition doesn’t have to be the confusing wire-mess that you were envisioning. In fact, you’ll find that you’ve been taking the more difficult path up until now. Paperless payments will drastically diminish the time and effort you waste on simple office tasks. PayFrog, a certified reseller of PayJunction, has several cool features up our sleeves to make the evolution of paperless payments easy for you.

paperless payments s

Regular Receipts

Keeping track of your customers’ monthly, or even weekly bills, takes up office space and filling time. Receipt clutter can be easily fixed with digital signature capture and emailed receipts. This not only saves you money on paper costs, but it also saves thousands of trees per year.

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If you need another reason to use paperless payments, consider your health. Thermal receipt paper contains a chemical called Bisphenol A, which is toxic when in contact with skin. If you have a high traffic business, this could mean dozens of encounters with toxic chemicals per day!

Surprisingly Safer

Some business owners hesitate to climb aboard the paperless payments train because of the possibility of stolen payment information. Surprisingly, stolen physical mail from your customers’ homes or your office is more likely to result in theft than PayJunction’s extremely secure processing software. We’re guarding sensitive info, so you and your customers don’t have to.

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Signature Saver

How are we keeping processing information safe? One of our unique tools is our signature capture device. Not only does it completely eliminate the need to store signed receipts, but it automatically organizes them into your PayJunction account. Easily verify your customer’s signature matches payments they’ve made in the past! Now we even offer remote email signature capture. So if a customer calls in to place a phone order, you can key in the payment to the virtual terminal and email a receipt requesting an immediate signature. Cardholders can sign with a mouse on a computer or their finger on a touchscreen.

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Why Would We Wait

Every day you’re accumulating more BPA toxins receipts, spending time organizing them, and risking your customers’ information being compromised. There’s no reason why paperless payments wouldn’t work for whatever business you run! Learn how quick and easy it is to set up our signature capture device and how affordable it is to take advantage of modern technology.

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