PayFrog Attends SearchCon 2019

PayFrog Attends SearchCon 2019 Conference

In the beginning of April, two PayFroggers had the pleasure of attending SearchCon 2019 in Breckenridge, Colorado. We’d like to share some helpful tips, tricks, and best practices we learned in hopes you’ll join us next year!

PayFrog Attends SearchCon 2019
Jim from Hyper Dog Media warming up the room at SearchCon 2019.

What are Fraggles and Why are They Important to Google?

Cindy Krum with MobileMoxie spoke about a snippet of content pulled from your website called a Fraggle during her talk, “Mobile-First Indexing”. She explained that Google will actually take the chunk of your content that it thinks best answers your inquiry, and serve it to searchers on the Search Engine Results Page. The idea of a Fraggle is important for all businesses who produce online content because they should now more than ever make sure that EVERY sentence on their website is optimized and necessary. It may just show up on the SERP instead of hidden in your page.

How Can Loom 10X Your Productivity?

Brian Kato is another SEO professional who spoke at SearchCon. He shared a handful of free tools that can 10X your workflow. One of them is Loom. Loom is a free online software that allows you to share your screen, one tab, or a video of yourself in order to save time typing. You’ve likely used this kind of tool before, but Brian introduced a new way of using it. He suggests you share Loom videos and questions with your website’s developer to solve programming and maintenance issues.

What Every CEO Needs to Know About SEO

We were also lucky enough to listen to Corey Morris from Voltage discuss some misnomers and important aspects of SEO. He mentioned that business owners need to understand that Search Engine Optimization isn’t a quick fix. Many clients believe that they will see their Google rankings increase within days. This could happen but those quick results may not last. A CEO should search for an agency that wants to give long-term, permanent results, not quick and easy ones.

The SearchCon 2019 SEO Conference

The SearchCon 2019 SEO Conference was a great investment! PayFrog was one of the only companies attending that wasn’t a marketing or SEO agency, but the networking was enjoyable. We recommend attending next year if it isn’t your first SEO conference or if you’re well versed in the industry prior. If you’re still curious about the SearchCon 2019 SEO conference, please reach out for a quick chat!

PayFrog attends the SearchCon 2019 SEO Conference
Left to right: Hailey, Content Writer. Jim, Conference Host. Joseph, CEO of PayFrog.

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