PayFrog Featured on the 808 Podcast with Bob Clark!

PayFrog's Feature on the 808 Podcast

On Tuesday, February 12th PayFrog’s owner and CEO, Joseph Gallucci, was featured on the 808 Podcast. The podcast’s creator, Bob Clark, challenged Joseph to answer 6 questions in 8 minutes and 8 seconds about the payment processing industry and best practices for business owners. Take a listen to this quick and helpful podcast here!

4 Quick Tips for Business Owners to Prevent Chargebacks

  1. Always get a signature on each transaction and delivery of the product.
  2. Use fraud filters and chip-reading terminals to prevent fraudsters from using stolen cards.
  3. Under promise and over deliver to meet or exceed customer expectations and prevent cardholder disputes.
  4. Keep organized information of your interactions with customers.

These are just a few bits of the value you can get from taking 8 minutes out of your day to listen to PayFrog’s feature on the 808 Podcast!

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