PayFrog Moves to Briargate

PayFrog moves to Briargate

PayFrog continues to grow and expand, so our office space had to grow with us! We recently upgraded to a spacious office across town, to Briargate. Our location is still in Colorado Springs, at the heart of Colorado and at the center of the nation. You can now find us at 1755 Telstar Drive, in Suite 300, The Rangewood office we left behind offered some great amenities, none of which we had to forgo in the recent move.

We still have a large meeting room capable of hosting business discussions and fraud-prevention trainings.

Our dining area with complimentary hot beverages did experience an attractive upgrade.

Lastly, we now have a communal waiting area with a nicer view and more seating.

PayFrog is happy to host you for our next meeting. As you can see below in our Google Street View tool, there is ample parking. Be it a one-on-one or a group discussion, our professional office space is a great location for a chat.

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