2 Simple Options

Rate Challenge

We’ll match or beat your rates.

If you currently process payments with a different provider, we’ll be happy to try to beat your rates. If we can’t beat them, we’ll match them. Simply provide us with two months of billing statements.

Not processing yet, but still shopping around? Send us the merchant application (with full written pricing on it) of your lowest offer. We’ll knock out the competition!

Clean Start

Month-to-Month Contract

Credit CardsCost + 0.75%
 Deposit Time1 Day
 Exit Fee$0.00

If you process below $10,000 a month, then there is a $35 fee.

Accept All Cards at the Same Rate

Finally! You can process Discover and American Express at the same rate as Visa and Mastercard.

Transparent, Wholesale Pricing

Previously reserved for large businesses such as Walmart or 7-Eleven, we provide a wholesale pricing plan for any size of business or non-profit. Whether you process $5,000 or $5 Million per month, we have experience assisting clients on projects of all scales.

wholesale pricing
Is Secure?

Locked In Rates

Tired of introductory rates that never seem to last? We protect you from future rate increases. Lock in your rate today and say good-bye to rate hikes forever!

Monthly Billing

We only bill you once a month, unlike some other providers who take out their fees daily. Receive 100% of your gross sales deposited daily (within 1 business day) giving you increased cash flow and simplified accounting.

Zero the Hero

No setup fee, termination fee, PCI fees, IRS reporting fees, statement fees, gateway fees, or AVS (Address Verification Service) fees.

Free Equipment

Merchants with a monthly processing sales history over $25,000 per month will receive a free Zero-Touch Terminal.

No Commitments

Simply process credit cards in person with our paired Smart Terminal, or key-in cards and checks directly into our virtual terminal. We provide a secure web-based service that you can access from any computer. It’s time to retire your old credit card terminal.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have over 10,000 satisfied clients. Come join us!

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