Reduce COVID-19 Spread with Contactless Payments

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You know that touching money is dirty, but touching it doesn’t make the average person want to wash their hands afterward. That is, unless there is a very contagious viral infection spreading in your area. Hand sanitizer and soap can only protect us so much, and even the bravest of consumers can’t help but wonder if what they’re touching is truly clean.

That is dangerous for merchants’ books of business. So, if paper money is dirty, how could we avoid using it altogether? Even if we did, wouldn’t passing receipts and pens around be just as dangerous? PayJunction has heard these concerns and responded by updating their payment processing system to make transactions 100% hands-free. Their new method of contactless payments can slow the spread of viral infections while remaining as quick and secure as before. 

The novel Covid-19 virus has recently been tested to last on surfaces in varying time spans. Its life on plastic, for instance, can surpass a full day! Unfortunately, there’s a certain type of plastic that people touch daily, and it lives in our wallets.

Because credit cards can keep the virus alive for 20+ hours, passing it between cashiers and swiping it in card readers could mean infection brought into your home. The same goes with the passing of receipts, pens, and certainly paper money. When the World Health Organization suggests buyers practice contactless payments, credit card processing companies must implement new capabilities for their hardware.

How is Payment Processing Slowing the Spread of the Virus?

PayJunction has, in a matter of weeks, released an update to their software that allows a customer to complete 100% hands-free transactions. The ZeroTouch terminal is customer-facing, which eliminates the need for a cashier to be handed payment. It is easy to clean and liquid-resistant with its sleek glass screen.

Most importantly, it utilizes NFC technology. This helpful tech is what makes “zero-touch” payments possible. Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Android Pay need it so that they can recognize card data and process transactions. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, PayJunction has also switched to “no signature necessary” programming. Now, customers don’t even need to pick up a pen to sign for the transaction.

How Can Business Owners Keep Their Employees Safe?

Contactless payments can slow the spread of viral infections, but there are additional precautions we recommend taking.

  • Clean surfaces your customers use daily
  • Advise employees to keep a safe distance from customers
  • Continue to wash your hands several times every hour
  • Encourage open communication between employees and management so that no sick staff come to work
  • Enable Secure Teleworking

Virtual Meetings to Protect Your Business (Guide)

Our hardware pairs with various environments and is detrimental to keeping a clean working space. Not only can contactless payments slow the spread of viral infections, but they may also be the reason you and your staff stay out of the ER and in healthy condition. Take this time of business slowdown to have a virtual meeting with one of our representatives and see how we can slow the spread together.

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