Comprehensive Analytics

Our comprehensive reporting makes sense of all your transactions. It also provides insight into how your business is developing. View Simple online reports instead of paper totals.

  • The current Batch shows the day’s transactions so far.
  • Yearly History gives you a yearly breakdown of your transaction totals.
  • Contact History shows the amount of new customers your business is generating.
  • Use Shortcuts to generate quick reports.

Transaction Searching

Forget about the days of storing paper receipts. We keep every transaction you run for the lifetime of your business.

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Recurring Dashboard

Keep a bird’s-eye view on all of your recurring payments. Setup the accounts and let us take care of the rest.

  • Group Recurring Accounts. Organize Your Billing Groups.
  • Quickly Perform Actions on a recurring account: Edit, View Details, Pause, or Delete.
  • Export Recurring Account Details to Excel

View Online Batch Reports

Daily totals for cards and checks. Drill down on 1 day’s batch and see all the individual customers and transactions for that day. Separate Batches by department and location.

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Track Bank Deposits

Your bookkeeper will love this feature. Our deposit reports show the day funds hit your account with a complete breakdown of the deposit. It will even show when funds will hit your account in the future.

View Online Statements

All of your billing statements for the life of your account are accessible online.

Declined Reason Codes

Manage all of your Declined cards and ACH Rejects like a pro. View the reason why the account was declined, whether that be insufficient funds, an expired card, or a closed account. Rebill delinquent accounts with ease.

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