Secure Credit Card Processing

Secure Credit Card Processing

What Makes Secure Credit Card Processing So Secure?

Having a secure merchant account is key to the long-term success of a business or non-profit. PayFrog wholeheartedly recommends PayJunction, a merchant services company that is committed to the security of its merchants. They use the highest level of encryption and the latest tools to ensure secure credit card processing.

Firstly, PayJunction uses a tool called Secure Socket Layers (128 bit). The company runs all of its communications and processing through these. In addition, any toolkit that a merchant is going to use in conjunction with the PayJunction online gateway system is tested to make sure it is secure and was set up properly. With the proper layers in place, PayJunction can ensure that no information can be stolen.

PayJunction maintains the highest level of security with Visa CISP/PCI compliance. They received certification under Visa to be up-to-date with the highest security regulations. The CISP program is the Cardholder Information Security Program, and it has to do specifically with a service provider’s ability to maintain the confidentiality of account and personal data. A merchant services provider must renew these certificates annually. Notably, PayJunction is PCI-DSS certified at Service Level 1, which is the highest security ranking one can attain.

PCIDSS Certified - Secure Credit Card ProcessingCISP/PCI compliance requires 12 security standards. For example, the merchant services provider must have a working firewall to protect customers’ information. Providers must also protect stored data. Data sent across public networks needs to be encrypted. Furthermore, they also must use regularly updated virus software and assign a unique ID to everyone who uses the system. The Payment Card Industry prohibits the use of default passwords. Lastly, providers must regularly test that the security systems that they have in place are working properly.

PayJunction is committed to providing secure credit card processing to its merchants. This is just one of the many reasons why we at PayFrog have chosen to be a certified PayJunction reseller. We can help you sign up for a secure PayJunction merchant account today!

Secure Credit card Processing
Secure Credit Card Processing

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  1. It makes sense that businesses would want to have a way to use credit cards securely. Otherwise people wouldn’t feel comfortable using their service! Safety is important, especially when it’s your identity!

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