Services of Merchant Banking

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What is it?

If you own a business, whether it is retail or food industry, you need a merchant banking account. They differ from regular banking accounts because they deal in international finance and business loans. It is a fee-based business and is actually a non-banking financial activity. A merchant bank provides many services to its customers and acts in accordance with its account holders’ best interests. These services of merchant banking create a partnership between banker and client, making it possible to move large sums of money safely on a regular basis.

The Services of Merchant Banking

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Industrial Project Consent

One of the many services of merchant banking is getting the governmental approval needed to begin a project. Also, when a company is expanding, they’ll need their merchant banker to handle legal consent to do so.

Equity Underwriting

Large institutions often obtain capital through the stock market, but they need an underwriter to help them. Equity underwriting is one of the services of merchant banking that can be hit or miss based on the state of the stock market, depending on the demand for the type of investment in underwriting and whether the investment is made overseas.

Portfolio Management

To protect the value of an investment, merchant banking provides portfolio (investment) management services. This involves helping their clients in the buying and selling of securities for the investment.


If your company leases out equipment or office space for its work, your merchant banker will handle this as well.

The services of merchant banking don’t stop there. They also have several other roles:

  • Project Counselor/Manager
  • Business Opportunities Advisor for small businesses
  • Broker in Stock Exchange

Banking: Merchant Services:

Services of Merchant Banking - Payments

Any merchant banker worth his weight in salt will tell you to have a reliable card processor as well. Before your business can deal in the stock market, you’ll need to at least be accepting cards as a form of payment for your customers. A merchant bank is required for this as well and can advise you on the importance of getting a merchant account. If you’re looking for one that price matches, is BBB credentialed, is certified by the Electronic Transaction Association, and accepts mobile, website, and office payments, visit PAYFROG.

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