Customize the System to Meet Your Needs

Manage Users

Add unlimited users to your account at no additional cost.

Grant Permissions and Restrictions

  • Setup your accountant to view reports, but not run transactions.
  • Setup your newly hired employees to take sales, but not issue refunds or see gross sales reports.
  • Give access and information on a need-to-know basis.

Manage Multiple Locations

  • Give on-site staff access to their location only.
  • Give multi-site managers or executives access to multiple locations as well as bird’s eye reporting from a single login.

If you currently have multiple locations, give us a call to discuss your needs and receive sales help with one of our multi-location specialists: 800-234-1655.

Reduce Fraud

Security Settings like AVS (Address Verification Service) and CVC (Card Verification Code) help keep your business safe.

Remotely capture customer IP Addresses and digital signatures via email for card-not-present transactions.

Secure Credit card Processing

Customize Transactions

Customize what data you want to collect when running a transaction.

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