The Makings of Stellar Merchant Services Support

friendly speed merchant services support expertise

Running a business can feel like an obstacle course. There are constant challenges that come up. This can also be true in the world of credit card processing.  The payment processing industry takes some getting used to, even after years of experience. We understand that you need stellar customer service to navigate you through troubles that pop up. Merchant Services Support | Overcoming ObstaclesThere are four key qualities you should search for in merchant services support, and we just happen to have all four!


Probably the top desire for business owners out there wanting to keep everything running as smooth as possible. You can’t exactly wait on hold for an hour if your terminal is malfunctioning and you have a ten-person line waiting. Good thing our average customer’s hold time is only 63 seconds!

speed merchant services support

During a payments conference that PayFrog attended, a speaker surveyed the room about email correspondence. 50% of the room had over 100 emails in their inbox at that time, and 25% of the room had over 500 emails in their inboxes! The top person in the room had over 11,000 emails in their inbox! The speaker asked them, “What happens when a new email comes in?” The attendee sheepishly replied, “Nothing.”

U.S. Based Merchant Services Support

How bummed would you be to call merchant services support and wait on hold… just to finally discover that they can’t understand what they’re saying. Companies like PayPal outsource their merchant services support to India where customer service operators read off pre-written scripts. Stay away from foreign call centers. customer support merchant services support

Don’t forget, a U.S. based support center system has the added bonus of supporting the U.S. economy, just like your business!


Another plus of U.S. based merchant services support is that the processor has full control of the training process for support agents. They get hands-on experience using our software and hardware. You wouldn’t want a support agent to look up your answer in the user’s manual. You could do that without the wait on hold.

speed merchant services support expertise


Answering questions about terminal set up doesn’t require a group hug, but a friendly and helpful attitude is a must! Our support centers have trained, and upbeat individuals who keep their positivity throughout the whole shift, even if they help 100’s business owners like you!

friendly speed merchant services support expertise

Speaking of business owners like you, we’ve compiled some testimonials of our stellar merchant services support here. What else keeps our customers around? Our abundant and useful features and our low-cost pricing can be set up with the help of our friendly PayFrog sales staff.

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