Streamline Remote Payments With Email Invoicing!

As the world changes and develops, so does the simplicity of digital payment options. In the past, some types of digital invoices were complicated and insecure. Attaching a credit card authorization form to an email without encryption puts the customer at risk. There are simply better and more secure ways to conduct business while utilizing email invoices. 

With the addition of PayFrog’s new email invoicing feature, your business can gather payments in a secure, efficient, and straightforward way to streamline the way you take payments. As a family-owned and operated merchant service provider, we understand the importance of efficiency and an optimized customer experience, especially during an era where email invoicing and payment have become king.

Invoice Security

As a company that chooses to utilize online payment systems and transactions, it is crucial that your customers and their information is protected. As we mentioned above, many forms of payment collection via email are not safe without encryption. As a small business providing any sort of email invoicing, it is your responsibility to guarantee customer information is protected. 

Secure Email Invoicing for Small Businesses

There are simple solutions to this issue. When choosing payment processing services for your small business, some merchant services are prepackaged with built-in invoice security. For example, PayJunction, a merchant services provider we’ve partnered with, just released a way to send digital invoices that is both secure and straightforward for business owners and customers alike. As a merchant services provider via PayJunction, PayFrog is ecstatic to share this new feature with you!

How Does PayJunction’s Email Invoicing Work?

Since most people are used to either a traditional invoice or an emailed invoice, it is important to distinguish how PayJunction’s new feature differs from traditional means. PayJunction’s email invoicing feature is more secure and simple than standard invoicing methods. Below, we will break down the process both from the business owner’s perspective and the customer’s perspective to show how easy it is!

Requesting Payment

1. A business requesting payment selects the “invoice” tab and creates a “new invoice.”

2. From here, they customize each section for the translation, like entering the amount due, adding a description of the item or service being paid for, and adding the customer’s email address.

3. Finally, click “send invoice,” and the invoice is on the way to the customer. Its status will denote “open” until the customer has paid.

Making a Payment

1. The customer receives an email indicating how much they owe to a specific business.

2. They select the “pay now” option and enter the relevant data, such as payment information.


3. “Pay” is then clicked to finalize and make the payment. Voila! The transaction is complete.

Secure, Reliable, Local | PayFrog Merchant Services

As a merchant services agency based in Florida, we understand the struggle of finding a streamlined and efficient option that involves invoicing for small businesses packaged in an easy-to-use way. This is why our team at PayFrog is striving to provide the best merchant services a small business can find. All of our hardware is user-friendly and can provide a touchless experience for businesses staying vigilant of the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact us today to get started if your business needs to update to a more secure, flexible, and reliable way to conduct business.  

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