Free Digital Summit With PayFrog and 19 Other Business Experts

the 808 Digital Summit

What is the next step you can take for your business? It’s attending the 808 Digital Summit. Joseph Gallucci, co-owner and CEO of PayFrog was invited by Bob Clark to be one of 20 business experts sharing actionable advice in Clark’s digital summit May 13th-17th. We know Bob because PayFrog was featured on the 808 podcast he runs. This digital summit is free, and you’ll have access to all 20 training sessions created by experts from many industries. Bob didn’t choose just anyone to be a part of the summit; he handpicked 20 super educational speakers from a list of 207 professionals and determined them useful enough for you! From chatbots to business banking to networking tips and tricks, there’s no good reason to miss out on these FREE value bombs!

the 808 Virtual Summit With PayFrog and 19 Other Business Experts

What Does the 808 Digital Summit Include?

Here’s a list of topics covered in the digital summit:

+ Attracting Clients
+ Sales Funnels
+ Live Networking 
+ Top-Of-Mind Branding 
+ Monetize FB Lives
+ Getting Business Credit
+ Software Shortcuts
+ Writing Effective Ads
+ Scaling Your Business
+ Monetizing Podcasts
+ Increase Referrals
+ Chat Bots W/ Personality
+ Testimonials That Sell
+ Selling Secrets
+ Client Retention 

Joseph Gallucci will be speaking specifically on how business owners can reduce their credit card fees. Additionally, he’ll cover how merchants can avoid several of the most common mistakes made with their card processing. Lastly, he’ll uncover the secret that processors DON’T want you to know. 

Register for the Free Digital Summit NOW!

Discover what’s really behind building a massive business no matter where you’re starting from. All of the information from these vetted industry experts is valued at $197! However, you can register for FREE today just by clicking the link below. 

the 808 Virtual Summit With PayFrog and 19 Other Business Experts Register Today!

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