The Benefits of Contactless Payments

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There are benefits of contactless payments for the needs of every business. Do you need shorter lines? Are you worried about the security of your customers? Don’t want to go through a chargeback dispute again? A touchless payment can support any of these concerns and are easy to set up! If you’ve never had a terminal that can take contactless payments before, check out this quick clip:

The Benefits of Contactless Payments: Speed, Safety, and Innovation


A touchless transaction takes 15 seconds less than a chip or swiped transaction. So, if you have 75 transactions a day, you’re saving 20 minutes a day. That can fly by if you’re operating the register, but not if you’re waiting in line. According to the Washington Post, waiting in line can make or lose businesses up to a billion dollars per year.

bottleneck benefits of contactless payments


Large companies can usually afford to deal with chargeback disputes throughout the year, but if yours is like most, your company doesn’t want to waste money. Among the benefits of contactless payments is safety. This means fewer chargebacks for you because you experience less fraud. Contactless is actually said to be the safest mode of processing because it uses encrypted data. Plus, many smartphones now have fingerprint verification or mobile wallet transactions.

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As you know, you can tap your phone onto a terminal to make a payment. There’s also a way to pay without even diving into your pocket or purse. Keeping recurring customer payment information on file is another way to take advantage of contactless payments. This also uses encrypted data, and is secured behind a password, so it’s safe too!

bottleneck benefits of contactless payments Tokenization to securely store credit card info cloud

The Set-Up

You can’t beat free, and that’s what it costs to get an EMV/contactless terminal set up with us if you process over $25,000 per month. We can either walk you through the process over the phone or be there in person with you. You can opt to have different passwords for each employee guiding your customer’s transactions. This adds some bonus safety. We’ll show you how to use the equipment and how easy touchless payments can be! Give us a call, and we’ll answer any questions we haven’t covered about the benefits of contactless payments.

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