Small Businesses and the Future

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Small Business Predictions

The good news for small businesses is that declining stock market prices and widespread economic uncertainty is having little effect on how much consumers are spending according to new reports from the National Retail Federation. The NRF predicted that in 2016 the retail sector would grow 3.1 percent, including automotive, department, grocery, and more.

The experts agree that the consumer is driving the nation’s economic recovery. One way to continue this trend is for the government to focus on policies that help retailers provide increased income and job stability for those who work for them.

2016 is already progressing in the direction that the experts predicted with a healthy increase in e-commerce already in January. This may have been in part due to the inclement weather in much of the country.

The Future of Small Businesses is Bright

The National Small Business Association year-end report of 2015 found cautious optimism among small to midsize retailers. They said that 75 percent of these businesses expressed confidence in the future of their businesses. This is the highest this number has been in four years. However, these same businesses remain concerned about the economy. This may be partially due to the stock market and the things being said during the 2016 election. The NSBA found that only five percent of small business owners believe that the various presidential candidates understand them as a small business.

Credit Card Processing for Small Business

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Small Businesses
Small Businesses

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