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Making the choice to accept card payments for your business can be an expensive jump. Luckily, us PayFroggers are experts at jumping! If you’ve done any research about credit card processing rates, you’ve probably stumbled across companies like Stripe, Square, and PayPal. These companies are rumored with having some of the least expensive credit card processing rates around, and we can beat all of them! Here’s how…

The Least Expensive Credit Card Processing | PayFrog

Flat/Tiered vs. Wholesale Pricing

For starters, Square, Paypal, and Stripe have flat or tiered pricing. These plans are popular for small businesses processing less than $5,000 per month. They seem like the least expensive because they all have no monthly processing fee and no minimum monthly processing amount requirement. In reality, they charge some of the highest rates! You’ll pay between 2.7% and 3.5%+ with these companies.

The Least Expensive Credit Card Processing | Flat Pricing  The Least Expensive Credit Card Processing | Tiered Pricing

Can PayFrog beat this? Easy! PayFrog offers month to month contracts with a 0.75% transaction fee, plus interchange. This means you pay the true wholesale processing cost plus the markup of 0.75%. Here’s how our interchange-plus pricing looks:

The Least Expensive Credit Card Processing | Interchange Plus

So now you know our rate is 0.75% above interchange, but you may be wondering…how much is interchange? Here are some common Interchange Rates:

  1. Debit:                 0.05% + $0.22
  2. Swiped Retail:  1.51% + $0.10
  3. eCommerce:     1.8% + $0.10

More detailed interchange tables are available at these links:

PayFrog isn’t actually a payment processor. We’re a certified reseller for payment processors who offer merchant accounts. One such provider we partner with is called PayJunction, which has been in business since 2010. When you add in the wholesale interchange fees with our rate of 0.75%, here’s how it looks in comparison:

The Least Expensive Credit Card Processing | PayJunction

Now, perhaps you’re shopping around for rates, and you’d really like to find the least expensive credit card processing plan out there. Using our price-match tool, we can meet or beat any processor’s rates. We require you to send us either your last two months’ billing statements from your current provider or a written quote from a prospective provider. We can show you just how much you’ll be saving with us.

The Best Value

Not only will you receive the least expensive credit card processing plan, but you’ll also receive the best value with these great benefits:

1. A Real Merchant Account

Payment facilitators like Square, Stripe, and Paypal skip full, traditional underwriting in exchange for a faster signup process. This sounds great, but it creates problems down the road. If your sales volume changes or you have a difficult customer, they could hold back funds or terminate your account unexpectedly. Also, these are basically young fin-tech companies handling your money without FDIC backing. If they go out of business, you can kiss your money goodbye. PayJunction is a registered ISO/MSP of First National Bank of Omaha – Member FDIC, and founded in 1865.

2. Monthly Billing

When your merchant account is active with us, we’ll only withdraw processing fees once a month from your business checking account making your bookkeeping easy. You’ll get 100% of your gross sales deposited daily. Payment facilitators withhold their fees daily out of every daily sales batch. For example, if you have $500 in sales for the day, you may receive a deposit of $479.50. When you do your bookkeeping, you’ll need to separate that into 2 transactions: 1) $500 in revenue and 2) $20.50 in processing fees. What a pain!

3. Expert US Phone Support

Stripe offers no phone support at all, and Paypal transfers your calls to India. With PayJunction, you’ll receive expert level US support from well-trained customer service reps and developers. You’ll even have access to a designated account agent at PayFrog. Your PayFrog account rep will get to know you and your business goals and ensure your satisfaction. That’s even more then Square can offer!

The Least Expensive Credit Card Processing is with PayFrog

There’s no way you can beat our prices. Plus, with our value offerings, we truly give you the best bang for your buck. There’s more to payment processing than just the price tag. That’s why we offer proprietary payment solutions and stay educated on industry updates and regulations. Ready for a trial? Sign-Up Now.

PayFrog Interchange Least expensive credit card processing

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