Types of Commerce Credit Card Processing

types of commerce credit card processing

What Types of Commerce Credit Card Processing are there?

Commerce, by definition, means buying and selling on a large scale. If you own a business and want to attract a large customer base, you’ll need to be able to offer commerce credit card processing to do so. Through the acquisition of a merchant account, you are able to accept online, at the office, or on the go payments from your customers. Visit our article on what kind of merchant account is right for you to understand what form fits your business best.

E-Commerce Credit Card Processing

Once you’ve made the switch from cash and check only business to the acceptance of cards, your next evolution is to accept online payments. The convenience for shoppers and business owners is the biggest reason to switch to E-commerce credit card processing. Another great benefit of an online presence is the sharing of your beloved product across social media platforms. If you’re looking for a larger market, Ecommerce credit card processing is a must.

E Commerce Credit Card Processing

R Commerce Credit Card Processing

They’ve come up with a new name for retail business; E-commerce! With the purchase of a credit card terminal, you offer quick, easy, and electronic payment options to customers. When connected to the internet, there is no need to take extra time keying in card information. Also, depending on how much your business sells monthly, you may be eligible to receive free equipment.

smart-terminal | Commerce Credit Card Processing

On the Go

The best attraction of mobile commerce credit card processing is the wireless aspect. There are many different options that can be considered wireless such as terminals, laptops, tablets, and cell phones.

Mobile Payments | Commerce Credit Card ProcessingWhy accept cards?

Customers tend to spend more when not using physical cash, more shoppers use cards than cash, and it extends your market to more than just local buyers when you accept online payments. After reviewing the different types of commerce credit card processing, would you like a processor that does all three? Check out our Tour Page to see how versatile our payment processing technology can be.

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