What’s the eCommerce Credit Card Processing Cost?

E-Commerce credit card processing

You don’t have to be a tech genius to join the eCommerce credit card processing club. No, we don’t have jackets, but we do have higher sales, lower overhead, happier customers, and repeat customers. Some business owners think they can’t afford the eCommerce credit card processing cost, but truly, you can’t afford not to. The two best things about the internet is 1) everyone is using it, including your potential customers, and 2) you can learn anything. We’ll take advantage of both by walking you through the most important reasons to have eCommerce credit card processing, and then how to get there.

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Higher Sales

What keeps a customer from leaving your store and never returning? The ability to go home with them on their phone! This isn’t as weird as it sounds. An online store opens the door to starting email campaigns, targeted advertisements, and is available 24/7 to your customers. All of these factors can double or even triple your sales very quickly. The National Retail Federation conducted a survey over the holidays and found recently that 58 million people chose to only shop online. You could literally be missing out on millions of shoppers by not adding it to your site. That easily pays for the eCommerce credit card processing cost.

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Cheaper Than Brick and Mortar

Do you wish your brick and mortar store had more locations to reach more people, but you can’t afford the additional costs? We don’t blame you; lighting, heating, staff, insurance, and rent can add up quickly! Not for an online store. Your eCommerce credit card processing cost includes paying for a domain name and web hosting (roughly $10-$30/ month), the pennies on the dollar you’re used to paying for credit card processing for your brick and mortar location, and a payment gateway (possibly free). The possibility of a free payment gateway depends on if your payment processor has its own payment gateway. You could potentially integrate this fee with your current processing bill.

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Easy Setup

There are a few prerequisites to accepting eCommerce credit card processing. You first need to name your business and choose a domain name. Make it simple, easy to spell for clients, and unique enough to get it trademarked down the line. Although it is an easy step, picking an eCommerce platform can be overwhelming. There are dozens to choose from, but the most important factors to consider it’s ease of use, compatibility with your current processor, hosted shopping cart, and features. We recommend cs. cart or 3dcart. 3dcart allows you to do all of the necessities while on a 15-day free trial.

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Now that you have a hosted shopping cart, start altering its settings. Set your store’s time zone, official business name, and choose which fields you’ll require for online shoppers. With the software we use, this is as easy as checking off the boxes that you wish to be visible, required, or suggested.

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We are a certified reseller of PayJunction technology, which means we give you the personalized attention your store deserves with all of the top of the line software it needs. PayJunction’s API is fully integrated with several platforms, which means adding eCommerce credit card processing is an easy setup!

Is the eCommerce Credit Card Processing Cost Affordable?

You’ve learned how affordable it can be, how much it will grow your business, and how easy the setup is. The only step you haven’t taken is getting started. If you’re ready, start the application process. Have more questions? Don’t be shy… reach out with a quick phone call and we’d be happy to educate you about what the right choice for you is.

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