Which Credit Card Machine for Business is Best?

Smart Terminal Credit card machine for business batch report

When considering which credit card machine for business payments works for you, there’s basically two models to consider; the Smart Terminal and the standard desktop terminal. Both perform the bare bones functions of credit card processing, but only one will ensure a headache-free system. With a name like Smart Terminal, I’m sure you can guess which one you’ll be leaning towards when finished reading our comparison.

CardReaders Credit card machine for business

A Standard Credit Card Machine for Business

The standard desktop terminal has gone through several upgrades, but the idea has been around for thirty years. You plug in the terminal to a phone line, or more likely an Ethernet cable today. It is a stand-alone credit card machine for business transactions, meaning it is not integrated at all. So, what does a typical day using a standard terminal look like?

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A Day With a Desktop Terminal

The desktop terminal prints two receipts for each sale. This is why customers ask, “Which receipt do I sign?” or you see the register operator crumple up the customer’s copy and toss it in the trash. With the merchant copies, you must keep them organized because this is the only record of the transaction. Without it, you won’t be able to reconcile your daily sales. At the end of the day, you’ll need to view what’s called a batch report. With a standard credit card machine, it will need to be printed. Your business bookkeeper requires the batch report for clean reconciling and comparing it with your business bank statements. If you want to study your daily sales for trends and growth, make sure you print two! Does your bookkeeper also work in your store? If not, you can mail, scan, fax, or stockpile the batch reports until they come to pick them up.

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A Smart Terminal Credit Card Machine for Business

If these business processes don’t quite seem streamlined to you, consider a Smart Terminal. It’s a fresh take on a credit card machine for business to move faster and easier. The Smart Terminal integrates with cloud-based credit card processing software. This provides several benefits to your business:

  • The option to, but no requirement to print receipts
  • Automatic electronic batch reports easily accessible by your bookkeeper
  • A daily batch report with the ability to search transactions by name, amount, type, etc.

 Credit card machine for business batch report

The integration is possible because the Smart Terminal is internet-based, which means software updates are automatic. With a traditional terminal, the machine would be inoperable for the several hours it takes to update. Instead of calling the support line, waiting on hold, getting walked through some button clicking, and restarting the machine, get a terminal that takes care of this for you.

Still Not Sold?

Need more reason to choose the better credit card machine for business payments? You could have completely paperless payments. A Smart Terminal takes and stores electronic signatures on a bright LED screen. This is helpful for your customer trying to get out the door and for future chargeback disputes. Worried about the price of this upgrade? Well, now merchants with a processing sales history of over $25,000 per month can get a Free Smart Terminal.

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